Air Conditioning Repair


Repair your home’s air conditioning and keep the summer heat at bay

4 reasons your air conditioning system might not be working:

  1. There’s a refrigerant leak in the system
  2. You have a broken thermostat
  3. Your Blower Motor Quit Working
  4. The unit’s sensors are damaged

A lot can happen to your system when you’re not paying attention. If your energy bills have gone up or your home never reaches a comfortable temperature, call Lindell Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.. We’ll be glad to take a look at your system and give you a free estimate. We work on commercial facilities as well. No matter the size of your system, our technicians can handle it.

Air conditioning is a vital contributor to your home’s comfort. Don’t ignore your system’s maintenance and then except it to work perfectly when you need it. Air conditioning units require regular service. They can break down or deteriorate during the off-season you’re not using them.

The best way to ensure that your system works properly when summer finally hits Cannon Falls, MN and the surrounding communities is to call Lindell Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Our experienced air conditioning contractors can run diagnostics on your system and identify any malfunctions. Whether you need simple repairs or an entirely new system, you can count on us to resolve the problem efficiently and affordably.

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