AC 21pt. Tune-up

Outdoor Unit

  • Clean & Check Coil
  • Clean & Check Outdoor Fan Blades
  • Check & Tighten Electrical
  • Connections on Outdoor Unit
  • Check Amp Draw on Outdoor Fan Motor
  • Check Amp Draw on Compressor
  • Check Mega Ohm Readings
  • Check High-side Compressor Pressure
  • Check Low-side Compressor Pressure
  • Check Sub-cooling/superheat For
  • Proper Refrigerant Charge
  • Tighten Service Caps to Prevent
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Apply Protective Coat on Painted Surface
  • Clean Debris from Outdoor Unit

    Inside Unit

    • Clean Blower Motor
    • Check Filter Condition
    • Check for Proper Temp. Drop Across Indoor Coil
    • Check for Tight Electrical Connections on Indoor Unit
    • Check for Proper T-stat Calibration and Operation
    • Clean & Inspect Condensate Drain Line
    • Check for Proper Drain Line
    • Check for Balanced Air Flow
    • Check Static Pressure (Supply, Return, Coil, Filters)
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